Katharine Dagg

Painting came back into my life after I retired from thirty years of being a studio potter at Stoneware Pottery in Milton, PEI.

I came to the Island in 1974 to teach design at the Handcraft Training Centre, which became part of Holland College during my teaching time. I left teaching in 1977 to do a five month pottery tour of New Zealand. Upon my return I went into partnership with Sandi Mahon at Stoneware Pottery.

Previous to my move to PEI, I worked as an Arts and Crafts Officer for the government of the Northwest Territories, travelling the western NWT to instruct, develop, and promote programs in arts and crafts with the native people. I had worked on the marketing end of the Inuit art scene in Ottawa before moving to the production end in the setting-up and displaying Inuit art shows in Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Montreal and Toronto. This was my first job after graduation from university.

I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1970 with a BFA, Majoring in drawing and painting, and Minoring in clay (ceramics). Before attending U of M, I took a foundation year at Ontario College of Art, in Toronto, but left there to pursue my degree. My dream was to live and work as a potter and hopefully find time to paint. The potter dream was certainly fulfilled, those thirty years were wonderful years, even if there wasn't time to paint. After leaving the pottery, my creativity found its way back to paint and brushes. 

I am mad about colour, there is no room for beige in my life! I'm inspired by nature and the human figure and faces that tell a story. I can be tempted by heady blossoms gossiping over a fence, or luscious fruits and vegetables overflowing in great crockery --- abundance, beauty and colour. Gardens and the landscape of PEI continue to inspire me. It is a privilege to paint, a joy to see them out in galleries and a delight to know that they have been sold internationally and have found homes with people of different countries and cultures.