Michael Khoury

 “Many years have passed since I began to paint. I tried to excel in all possible genres...the landscape, the still life, the interior, the figure...I became familiar with all the greater and lesser masters in the history of art, from Verrocchio to Rothko. I familiarized myself with paintings of all kinds...from the most ridiculous kitsch to the finest of art...paintings in world galleries, paintings on the walls of homes, over doorways, on billboards, bright-coloured prints hidden in books on corner shelves of shops in the tackiest of shopping malls. Through the many paintings, I learned about old-fashioned apparel, contemporary food, revolution, rebellion, and secret accusations, beautiful cathedral vitraux - which illustrated spiritual fantasies and fairy tales. I learned about music, old operas, and folklore and felt the rhythmic heartbeat of societies of times long gone. My paintings have been riddled with trial and error, on painterly voyages through my surroundings, of real things and abstract expressions unfamiliar even to me. I learned to break rules and to turn away from the easy road. I was drawn to infinite ranges of colour...of white and black, of red, blue and green...and everything in between. I learned to believe in the magic created by artists I love, and made an effort to learn to weave my own."