Gail Rhyno

Painting at this time in my life, in the spare moments of family and work-life, is an expression of freedom. Teaching myself to paint since 2011 has been frustrating and intimidating but is becoming completely liberating. One of the nicest things anyone has said about one of my paintings was that I had ‘broken all the rules, but that it worked’. I believe painting has come to me at the right point in my life, in the right way. I have learned that my process doesn’t have to be about what I know but rather about what I feel. As a result what emerges at the tip of my brush will be something more important to me as a person, then as an artist.

I am a self-taught painter working in Acrylics, influenced mostly by Folk Ark and Modern Expressionism. I begin my process with an under painting of sorts, something that creates texture, gives me some ideas of color or simply starts an undirected flow of creativity. Each painting starts with the same 6 colors on my palette. I often watch movies or listen to music while I paint to distract me from over-thinking my ideas. I prefer to paint with an image in mind, something I’ve seen that day or previously, landscapes, animals, letting the process go quickly, and intuitively. I do not plan out the entire scene but rather let it evolve as I paint. Sometimes I can secure the scene quickly, other times I have to work at it a long time, either way, trusting it will emerge if I just get out of its way.