Arlene Rice

Arlene Rice is a resident of Prince Edward Island, and as a gallery owner is constantly surrounded by beautiful art and has daily inspiration to create. The gallery has evolved over 20 years and represents many fine local as well as international artists.

Many artists whose work is featured at Details Fine Art Gallery have been instrumental in supporting Arlene with technical and creative advice. Her background in design has also helped her develop an eye for composition. The landscape of rural and urban Prince Edward Island provides many inspirations for painting. The light catching the end of a building or streetscape is often featured in her work. Every walk down a street or drive in the country is an opportunity for the discovery of a special moment to be captured on canvas.

Although mostly self taught, Arlene has attended workshops with Brian Atyeo, Dianna Shyne, Sandi Komst and Henry Purdy. Her work is sometimes whimsical, capturing moments in time, from observations of people going about the city, whether they are off to work or school, sitting on a bench or meeting an old friend. These are influenced by the late Elaine Harrison.

Arlene's works can be found in many private collections.