Kath Rutherford

"I am fascinated by collections and by diversity which is revealed by closer observation. In my work I try to encourage the viewer to look again for hidden meaning or image. My work is always the result of concentrated collection and study of the elements to be collaged; followed by many weeks of careful development of the image. An intimate knowledge of my subjects and a sense of humour, often in the form of play on words, are my trademarks."

Artist Kath Rutherford works from her studio, creating from the land and sea around her, the mysterious, fanciful, ongoing "other life" of her subjects: fish, jars, eggs, shells, matchboxes. She shares with us a quiet wit, a gentleness, a lyrical fluidity of form.

She studied with David Silverberg at Mount Allison Univeristy and with Ed Porter at the College of Art and Design in Halifax.
Her works are in private and permanent collections.