Robert Rutherford

Robert Rutherford studied under printmaker David Blackwood from 1968-1972 at Trinity College. He also studied at Banff School of Fine Arts and at L'ecole des Beaux Arts in France, 1972-1973. He received a scholarship to study at the Ontario College of Fine Art with Frederick Hagen in 1973-74.
"Several times a year I pack my forty year old classic motorcycle with camping gear and explore areas of Atlantic Canada. When a good subject shows up, I find a quiet hill and draw for a few hours. No photographs. The image is translated in the oldest, most direct language of symbols" says Rutherford.
The wide angle world of his prints seem to filter out all but the most essential lines and details, so that each element, whether wind or sail, hillside or house, share the same organic simplicity. He simplifies and repeats the fundamental shapes of his world to create an effect almost visionary in its dramatic, expansive evocation of sea, shy and shoreline.